5 Questions for Dope Artists Doing Dope Stuff: Myq Moon

Welcome to the first installation of a bi-weekly column where we do what the title says. We want to provide a platform for the artists your friends talk about, yet you know nothing about. Feel free to send some suggestions in the comments section; as is with everything that we do here at Gozamos we want to shine a brighter light on our women, LGBTQ, and colored folx. Si no te gusta eso pos perdón pero mejor vete con los de Mitú. First up is one of our Pilsen brothers, DJ Myq Moon.

Myq Moon (Maii-q Mooooon), tell us who you are and what you do.

I’m the feather in the wind! The social butterfly, Dj/producer; I’m practicing how to love, how to get into the mindset of the bigger picture, eating right, giving generously and giving God all the thanks. I’m taking more pictures of animals because I’m a plant and animal lover. Getting into traveling mode again, I just got back from Toronto. Beating to the sound of my own drum and picking up any instrument I can along the way. *hugs self*

You have an event coming up, tell us a bit about it.

Yes, the event is called Casa Con Soul! We have a great line-up with Lester Rey on percussion, LoudArts with some visuals, M-DOK and Syko behind the tables and Dopekats playing originals. It’s going to be a great time! Oh! And it is officially going to be a Pokestop.

(Your humble writer is not cool enough to know wtf that means, yet)

Chicago is really embracing the DIY culture, why is that and why now?

I love the DIY culture, it’s about not waiting for a hand-out and taking charge. It creates more safe spaces for the gender neutral and marginalized groups, that’s the mindset with Casa Con Soul. It’s a refuge for everyday people, not exclusive but inclusive, catering to everyone not just a specific group.

Gentrification, police brutality, Pokemon, social media; with all these issues and distractions how do you as a person, an artist, keep your focus? What is your antidote?

Solitude. I take walks, I listen, I practice minimalism. I see the power within vulnerability. I die to myself and become simple. I relieve myself of external expectation and calmly assume my truth while celebrating my loved ones. I sit and give all my senses to my breath and allow every thought/fear/dream to pass through without judgment. Knowing that time on earth is limited motivates me. It allows me to brush a lot of things off and keep moving.

What’s up next?

I have a Vives Q event coming up on August 2nd at the National Mexican Art Museum. My House Fest in Pilsen August 13th and Casa Con Soul is now a bi-weekly event so we will be back July 30th* with AfroQbano.



(*July 30th is the day before your humble writer’s, birthday…which is cool or whatever nbd…)

You can find information for the CASA CON SOUL event in the Gozamos event calendar along with info for the Vives Q event.

Thank you for reading, y’all – stay tuned for an interview with Ricardo Gamboa, coming soon…