Comic Profile: Vince Acevedo

Humboldt Park’s own comedian

Interview: Jose Ivañez of Orchesta El Macabeo

Orchesta El Macabeo will be in Chicago July 21, 2012 at the Square Roots Festival in…

Interview: Cándido Tirado, Puerto Rican Playwright

His journey in life and to the play, Fish Men.

Mad Men: Evolving Before Our Eyes and Its Time

We’re mad about Mad Men, and Madeline takes a look at how the show and its…

Interview: Diane Rodriguez – Living Large In A Mini Kind Of Way at Teatro Luna

Our conversation regarding her personal journey and her new play, Living Large in a Mini Kind…

Interview: Raul Castillo, Fish Men at the Goodman Theater

His row in life and Fish Men

Interview: Rafel Ithier of El Gran Combo

50th Year Anniversary Interview with Rafael Ithier, Director of El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico

Interview: Miranda Gonzalez, Director of Artistic Development of Teatro Luna’s CROSSED

CROSSED is a must see.  I sat at the edge of my seat pleasantly surprised at…

Saint Valentine’s Curse

And Love’s Compelling Force