Gozamos is a nonprofit Chicago-based independent online magazine and community for culturally savvy Latinxs and their friends.

Since its launch in March 2010, Gozamos has grown into a new media platform that inspires, educates and entertains readers across the United States and that supports Latinx creation, arts & activism.

We bring thoughtful, creative approaches to local and Latinx cultural coverage with original articles, social media engagement, livestreaming and other content created by a talented corps of bloggers, community leaders, creatives and journalists who talk about what we are passionate about in our lives, work and communities. We also put our words into action through our programming at our homebase Cultura in Pilsen, by sponsoring local and Latin@-focused programs and festivals and with community initiatives.

At its core, Gozamos strives to be a platform for those voices and perspectives often ignored by mainstream media.

Why We’re Different

Right now you’re probably asking, “Aren’t there already plenty of websites geared toward the young Latino community? Who do these payasos think they’re foolin’?”

Well, let us explain how Gozamos sets itself apart from the rest:

•  We are written by and for people who are either Latin@s themselves or are interested in the same things as we are. Though our editorial goal is to address the Latin@ community, we stive to be a welcoming community so that people from all walks of life can read, work and engage with us. We stay true to our roots but are not limited to them.

•  We are not a traditional news site, so don’t expect hard news stories by objective journalists (though we’ll post the occasional investigative story). We are an online watering hole with high-quality, relevant content that reflects the unique lifestyles, issues and attitudes of Latin@s in Chicago and across the country. Gozamos boasts a wide diversity of voices and perspectives.

•  We are born and raised in Chicago. Most of our contributers are based in Chicago and some of us live in other areas but have a connection to this city. The vast majority of our content revolves around the bright Chicago sun, but we alsoe explore connections between what hapens in our city to the broader happenings and to other Latin@ communities across the United States.

•  We put our words into action. We co-founded two independent community initiatives, Latinx Techies and Chicago Latino Writers Initiative, which support current professionals in the field and inspire the next generation of techies & writers, respectively. In addition to these two initiatives, we also co-manage and plan programming at Cultura in Pilsen, the arts + community space we share with contratiempo and several other organizations in residence. Our publication also sponsors local festivals, events and more.

•  We are volunteer-run and nonprofit. Our funding comes from our annual signature event, Gozamos’s Día de los Muertos Party, and from donations from events and friends. We do this because we love it, to engage with our communities, to have a creative outlet and in order to fulfill our shared mission of being a platform for voices and perspectives often left out of mainstream media.

So who’s the payaso now? 😉

Do you have a brilliant idea or are you interested in partnering with us? Send us a quick note at hola@gozamos.com.

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