NEW from Tim Bernardes

Tim Bernardes has released a video for his track ‘Velha Amiga’. The video comes in the form of a live session, filmed in collaboration with the Paris-based La Blogotheque, known for intimate, one-take performances appropriately called Takeaway Shows.

Filmed in São Paulo, the video features Tim playing and walking alongside flower stalls on a busy street in the city- invoking a sense of nostalgia echoed in the lyrics, which reference the desire to reconnect with an old friend. 

Of the performance, Bernardes says: 

“These flower tents near the iconic Sao Paulo avenue Avenida Paulista always caught my attention. They are at the same time beautiful and hectic, have our crazy city spirit, full of life yet very chaotic and unplanned. It was fun and crazy to record there, it’s a super busy avenue, trying to avoid being hit by a car, stay on the super tight sidewalk and skip all the holes and flowers on the ground. The flower sellers were really fun too, all very concrete surrealistic.”