Ruido Fest 2021 Highlights

By ST & JC

Despite the ever-changing guidelines regarding social gatherings because of Covid-19, especially gatherings the size of Ruido Fest, the three-day festival adjusted, pivoted, and succeeded in moving forward. 

LA ARMADA (by Jose Calvo)

Chicago and those who traveled from afar to Ruido Fest 2021 were introduced to bands visiting the city for the first time like Las Nubes, Margaritas Podridas, and El Shirota while welcoming back favorites like Cafe Tacvba, Moenia, Panteon Rococo, and Caifanes who, by the way, did a fantastic job of coming in to save the night after a heartbreaking cancelation by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. 

IVY QUEEN (by Jose Calvo)

Speaking of heartbreaking, it was surprising but not unexpected that there were other cancelations. Unfortunately, no one can determine what travel restrictions will be imposed, especially when the world is still dealing with a pandemic. There is also the pandemic itself and Covid-19’s reach. Whatever the case, Ruido Fest quickly brought in great bands to take over for Mexican Institute of Sound, Siddhartha, and Nanpa Basico who didn’t make it. 

Speaking of the pandemic, there was on-site Covid-19 testing at the festival. That’s huge. And awesome. Thank you.

Panteón Rococó (by Jose Calvo)

Ruido Fest ran mostly on schedule although there were a couple of funny moments as some bands, whose fans wouldn’t stop cheering them on, went just a tiny little bit past their stage time. All the performers, of course, had great sets but there were a few that stood out for us the most including La Armada, Ivy Queen, Margaritas Podridas, and Enjambre. Our favorite was Lido Pimienta who is one of the funniest, most authentic, and engaging performers we’ve ever seen. (We will never see a mango the same way again.)  

There were chaotic moments at the festival, too, including unnecessary altercations by security with media outlets in the photo pit (the first of its kind, from what we’ve seen personally.) The issue was addressed, cleared up and things were relatively back to normal. However, this did cause a reduction in the number of photographers who were allowed to shoot Cafe Tacvba on Sunday and there were obvious feathers ruffled. (We mention this as appreciation to Ruido Fest press organizers who handled things professionally on all ends, including keeping us hydrated.)

TONE ZONE SKAM (by Jose Calvo)

This year’s festival was reduced to two stages and it didn’t change things too much. It actually seemed to make things run a little smoother. We would suggest, though, that music or something plays between band performances. The silence between sets was kind of weird. (We also think there should be some sensitivity training with the luchadores because some of their words were highly inappropriate.) 

Stay tuned to Gozamos for new music from many of the artists featured at this year’s event.

Overall, we’re looking forward to Ruido Fest in 2022. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, fingers crossed, have already been confirmed. Stay updated here: Ruido Fest.

Enjoy these Ruido Fest moments captured by Jose Calvo… 

RUIDO FEST 2021 (All photos by Jose Calvo)