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The Golden Geometry Coloring Book by Rafael Araujo

Rafael Araujo has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of his second coloring book, the “Golden Geometry Coloring Book.”

Araujo is a Venezuelan architect and illustrator who at the real viagra without a prescription age of fifteen began to observe intelligent patterns in nature, giving rise to his interest in the golden ratio located in our natural environment. 40 years later, the result of this dedication is a collection of beautifully hand-drawn nature-inspired illustrations. 

“I was 15 when I started noticing intelligent patterns in the world of nature—spirals, sequences, proportions,” said Araujo. “The secret of nature’s beautiful designs unfolded before my very eyes. Everything I draw is done pfizer viagra 50 mg online by hand. I don’t use a computer, just a pencil, compass, and  protractor.”

Araujo’s work is the outcome of years of persistence, trial an error upon the theme of tridimensional geometry and the “platonic” search of the illusion of the “Truth”, by means of the development of structures which could perfectly be described as illustrated equations of natural subjects: shells, butterflies’ spirals, etc.

Through the application of growth patterns governed by golden ratio’s geometric formulas, the secrets of carefully detailed designs of natural spirals, sequences and proportions unfolds.

Applying the Golden Ratio to his drawings and leaving the construction lines in the final images allows Araujo to create designs that clearly gravitate around this mathematical framework. 

“Through this meticulous work, which can take up to 100 hours to complete a single composition, we are able to observe the application of golden ratio that traces the (PHI) number throughout our environment, repetitively, over and over again, with designs which clearly gravitate around this mathematical framework,” Piedad Rojas said.

John  Brownlee wrote: “Rafael’s work is unique in that he leaves intact the construction lines that form the mathematical framework for his illustrations, each of which can take him as long as 100 hours to complete. Recently Rafael has cheapest viagra to buy online in uk received requests for prints of his works to color in. From this came the idea to produce a beautiful coloring book with some of his best illustrations”. 

Rafael Araujo is back with a second coloring book: the Golden Geometry Coloring Book. This time around he has left the Earth to explore and experiment with the beauty found in phenomena of the universe, such as the deformations of the grids of space due to the effect of gravitational forces and the graphic descriptions of inter-dimensional portals represented by drawings of different types of tori, viewed from the inside and from the outside. And he has done all of this with his usual methods: all the illustrations have been drawn by hand, on a drawing table, using ink, squares, a compass, and a protractor, following the strict rules of 2D and 3D geometry and looking to attain the best possible proportions. The coloring book also includes some of his all-time favorite illustrations inspired by nature, such as shells and butterflies.

Rafael has received several requests for a second coloring book and this is his answer: an entirely brand-new coloring book featuring never-before-seen illustrations and a new theme. These illustrations with a renaissance style seek to inspire people to enjoy and explore the wonders of nature through mathematics and their own inspiration and creativity. The book will be once again funded through Kickstarter starting May, 2021.

Keep an eye out on Facebook and Instagram to follow and join the campaign and please share, share, share so we can make this project a reality. You may also see and follow the campaign at Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/juantrenard/golden-geometry-coloring-book and on the artist’s website: www.rafael/araujo.com