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Pahua’s Inspirational Debut EP OFRENDA

“Ofrenda is the beginning of a cycle based on self-discovery, which shows my most feminine side. Despite the fact that this EP sounds organic, it was created from the new technological processes to which we have had to adapt in these times of pandemic”. شرح لعبة بينجو  

As March approaches, and along with it International Women’s Day and National Women’s Month, we are elated to share artist Pahua’s uplifting and empowering set of bright, tropi-folktronica sounds from her debut EP, Ofrenda.

About Pahua

“Pahua (pa-wa) is the solo project of Mexican buy discount viagra singer, songwriter, producer and DJ Pau Sotomayor, also lead singer of the band Sotomayor. This new project of hers blends folkloric sounds with electronic, lo-fi beats and viagra sales online lyrics with messages of self love and empowerment.  

Ofrenda includes Pahua’s first two singles, “Vayayó”(watch the video HERE) and “Caramelo” (watch the video HERE) as well as 4 new tracks. “Vayayó” and “Caramelo” received dozens of playlist placements and covers including international support from countries like Turkey and Hungary and media support from outlets like COLORSXSTUDIOS and tastemaker radio stations like KCRW (LA), KEXP (Seattle), KCSN (LA), WXPN (Philadelphia), Vocalo (Chicago), and many others.  

Ofrenda was created during the pandemic, with Pau creating the cover art herself. The lyrics across the album touch upon cheapest brand levitra nature, self-love, femininity and overall positive energy.

Here’s a track list with details about each song…

  • SANTUARIO DE FE is an ode to the earth, our existence on the planet and to nature that gives us the life energy to keep standing.
  • NOCHE NEGRA is for women, represented in the track through a ruin that receives the morning sunlight on its face, ready to take flight. The ruin is also an analogy: a woman’s body is her temple. طاولة الروليت
  • VAYAYÓ is about taking the correct path and following your own personal guide.  In this case “Vayayó” is the name of a light, of a faith that exists and that helps me go through life, to be more conscious of what I want, to take advantage of it and to enjoy what happens.
  • O VAS O VOY tries to lift the gaze, find balance, and see the positive side of things, rather than fighting the ego, the past, bad friendships, control and the many other issues that occupy people’s mind.
  • CARAMELO is a poem to understand that the healthiest thing we can do is to remember the great affection it takes to not forget that when we heal our  insecurities and fears, we learn to share the best version of ourselves.
  • GRANITO DE LUNA is a song for the one you love, that loves you back, that gives you stability, that you have total connection with. There are many ways to declare love, but the most simple is to say “I love you”. اربح

Following Ofrenda will be an EP of remixes and later this year a second EP featuring collaborations with Gizmo Varillas and Moügli, among others.”