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Flor de Jamaica Presents Their Sophomore Debut ISLAS

Since their foundation in 2017, Have just started using this product but it was highly recommended by a friend/dietition. Cheap viagra cialis, through years of experience we know which medications work well and what price it the best for you. Flor de Jamaica, a band incepted by Valentina Anzola and Tomás Pinzón, has become a warm force for Colombian author pop. Inspired by their country’s musical landscapes and the rhythms and accents of the rest of the continent, Flor de Jamaica has managed to develop its own identity that constantly seeks to expand the limits of its aesthetic discourse, allowing modern identities to join its process of songwriting. In May 2017, Flor de Jamaica released their live EP Huesos, recorded at La Casa Del Teatro Nacional, and later, in May 2019, presented De lo que nada fue, a studio album inspired by Latin American music and the loves and heartbreaks that manifest in the form of intimate, honest, and delicately crafted songs. With the arrival of Luis Eduardo Palomar to the band in 2020, Flor de Jamaica began the process of its new studio album, which has been released in the form of three independent EPs since last year.

In 2021 Flor de Jamaica presented Ciudad and Islas, the first two parts of its sound trilogy that today concludes with Desierto. “In these three songs, a new sensitivity towards the Colombian landscape is awakened. In some moments it is an homage or a tribute and, in others, a cry for its preservation”, explains Valentina Anzola, singer of the trio. In “Corre Mariposa” the band begins the journey with a delicate and simple guitar and Anzola’s voice that rises like a whisper, a sort of lullaby that accompanies us as we descend through a river and its landscape details. Next comes “Rio no te vayas”, a song in which the sound languages of the Colombian Eastern Plains https://gozamos.com/2021/02/pharmacy-levitra/ and the sounds taken from the Pacific music tradition and its long cultural syncretism with African culture converge. Here, as in the first EP (Ciudad), this dialogue between the city and the Colombian landscape is highlighted again, emphasizing how humans have failed to protect the ecosystem. Closing the album appears “Entre la neblina”, which continues with the previous narrative by highlighting the city experience and its fusion with the dialogue with the natural and the pure, combining electronic sounds and R&B to create a counterpoint of accents.

ISLAS, as the band has called its second album, thus collects several experiences and reflections that the group has raised along with its process of artistic growth. “It is wanting to sing not only to someone but to something. To take distance from oneself to recognize the branch, the animal, or the river as beings that feel. That is ISLAS: three portions of land from which songs are born from ecosystems that ask to sing stories; some that are told while looking at the sea, others at the Colombian landscape that opens in peace and cries out to be cared for and at the feminine that transforms and navigates between the worlds of the sweet and the animal”, Anzola explains about the full album. “Each song is a life story, it is a conversation, a dream, twelve hours of looking at the same mirror in your room during a pandemic, or a melody that is born while you drink a rum. It is the life in which you travel while longing for what you do not have in the city: nature”, she adds.

After escaping from the metropolis in Ciudad, Flor de Jamaica traveled to various islands that served as a metaphor for femininity and the place of women as a living force that preserves the cialis canada online ecosystem. Now, the band closes the album with an urgent call to take action to preserve the planet and the life that we have left, exhorting listeners to configure themselves in a more active way in the face of the problems facing Colombian geography and its landscapes. ISLAS is an urgent album that keeps the interpretive force of an outstanding and unique band in the local and regional context. In ISLAS Flor de Jamaica complements its value proposition and offers a novel and outstanding sound that adds to the poetic narrative and sound experimentation of its previous releases. Seeking to carve out a place for themselves in the Latin American musical ecosystem, Flor de Jamaica is not afraid to experiment with their sound and their skin, mutating and transforming with each new release.

Flor de Jamaica is a Colombian band born in Bogotá that was made up of Valentina Anzola (vocalist, author, and composer) and Tomás Pinzón Ríos (multi-instrumentalist, composer, director, and music producer). Since 2017 the group has been developing its own sound influenced by Colombian and Latin American culture, but it does not exhaust resources because it always finds and expands sounds that allow them to travel from one genre to another. Its identity is manifested through the inspiration of the Colombian landscape and the relationships that are woven from the bowels of its diverse geography.

In May 2017 they released their live EP Huesos recorded at La Casa Del Teatro Nacional and later, in May 2019, they released De Lo Que Nada Fue, an album inspired by Latin American music, the loves, and heartbreaks that eventually emerge in the form of intimate songs.

In 2020, Luis Eduardo Palomar (bassist, composer, and producer) officially joined the project. Now the band has returned with its second studio album, Islas, which has been presented since 2021.

Press release provided by Ignacio Mayorga Alzate