Epiphany Center Presents Alfredo Rodriguez & Pedrito Martinez on Oct 12

Alfredo Rodriguez and Pedrito Martinez will be headlining the Epiphany Center for the Arts, along with Norberto Guerra & René Avila’s Afro-Cuban Jazz Band on Wednesday, October 12.

Painted in the broadest of strokes, the stories of Alfredo Rodriguez and Pedrito Martinez may seem similar: both started life in Havana, discovered their gifts and passions for music, and headed to the States where they melded the music of their homeland with a wide variety of influences, each in his own deeply personal way. 

Norberto Guerra is a Chicago-based Cuban musician, composer, and producer. He is a multi-instrumentalist primarily playing the classical guitar, electric guitar, and the Cuban Trés.

René Avila is an educator, band leader, and bass player for an Afro-Cuban jazz ensemble (Rene Avila’s Afro Cuban Quintet) in addition to his traditional Cuban Charanga Orchestra, Charangueo.