Chicago Artist Fantasia A. Graham (Fanni) Part of Pabst Blue Ribbon 2020 Top 25 Art Can Contest Finalists

Pabst Blue Ribbon recently announced that Fantasia A. Graham (Fanni) from Chicago is among the top 25 finalists for their annual art can contest, besting some 4000 entries that were received for the contest this year.

Every year, PBR hosts the Art Can Contest to give emerging artists from all over the world an opportunity to have their original artwork decorate 30 million cans of PBR across the US, and receive cash prizes for the top 3 winners. Since its launch the contest has covered over 350 million cans in art and awarded over $100k in prize money. Should Fanni win, their original artwork will decorate over 30 million cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon nationwide and receive $10,000.

A little background about Fanni – she’s amassed a great following for her original artwork. Her work typically highlights black artists through portraits. Her work ranges all the way from watercolor to digital art. 

The Art Can Contest is one part of PBR’s 1000 creators initiative, launched in April last year, and dedicated to commissioning work from 1000 creators across the country in the wake of Covid19.

The winners of the Art Can Contest will be announced on February 19th, with voting closing on the 17th.


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