Alarma Premieres VAMOS ARRIBA

Alarma, a “neo-Latin music project from Los Angeles,” just released Vamos Arriba (Let’s rise). The band says the song, “is about crossing obstacles and boundaries in life to reach one’s goals. This is illustrated in the music video through the story of immigration and expressive danza, filmed in Tijuana and Los Angeles with talented local collaborators. People have always needed to cross borders to survive. Today’s man-made borders are completely unnecessary. We stand with the world’s migrants! At the same time, we dedicate this work to everyone who has been struggling to cope with personal adversity this year… and who refuses to give up. Siempre pa’rriba!

Bio/ Info: Alarma delivers a high-energy fusion of world-alternative, bilingual, neo-Latin dance music from Los Angeles. Drawing on cumbia, alternativo, reggaeton, and reggae, their songs explore themes of empowerment, redemption, and global justice. For several years this band has rocked clubs, schools and festivals throughout California. Alarma has performed at benefit concerts for KPFK 90.7 FM (e.g. Voz Canto y Lucha!). Our music has also been featured in fundraising events for Radio Totopo, an indigenous community radio station in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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