NEW: Explosive Psychedelic Roots Sounds on Hycha Wy by Nemegata

Nemegata exert explosive new sounds on their psychedelic roots-n-rock debut album, Hycha Wy.

Currently based in Austin, the musicians of Nemegata are inspired by the traditional music of their home country, Colombia, as well as by African and South American psychedelia. In their debut, 11-track album Hycha Wy, the powerful trio have cleverly converged key elements of those sounds, along with their ventures as young immigrants living in the US, to produce this intrinsic and grandiose exploration of roots and rock. Nemagata has a way with psychotropic rock and all its possibilities, especially when including such rich South American elements. They are also brazen with their raging rock’n’roll and we are here for all of it.

Hycha Wy, in native Muisca language, means “I am” in past or present tense, depending on the context.

The  album was recorded by Beto Martinez, known for his work with Prince, Brownout and Grupo Fantasma, and it includes 11 tracks, two of which you can stream now when you pre-order the album due this summer on Sonorama Discos.

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