Chicago Flamenco Festival presents the Flamenco Quartet Project (March 9 at SPACE)

Clinard Dance, now in it’s 20th season, began their Flamenco Quartet Project in 2014 dedicating the project to artistic excellence and exploration. Led by an open minded spirit of collaboration, The Flamenco Quartet Project seeks to engage with contemporary culture through vibrant performances that honor traditional flamenco and their shared passion for music and dance discovery. Tickets for the March 9th performance at SPACE in Evanston are available here.

The roster of performers boasts remarkably diverse talents, including composers, arrangers, improvisers and choreographers who bring a range of cultural influences to the group, from Balkan Jazz to klezmer; flamenco and classical Arabic and Spanish art forms. The unique camaraderie within the group retains the intimacy and spontaneity unique to small ensemble work.

The group consists of nationally and internationally renowned artists, including dancer Wendy Clinard, violinist Steve Gibons, vocalist/guitarist Marija Temo and dancer/percussionist Jose Moreno. 

Their March 9th performance is in conjunction with the Chicago Flamenco Festival and the group will share new compositions with special guest, Son Jarocho musician Camilo Rincon.

To learn more about Clinard Dance, visit

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