Natalia Lafourcade sells out Chicago’s Concord Music Hall

Natalia Lafourcade moved a sold-out venue in Chicago on May 3 in an unforgettable concert organized by Ruido Fest. The star, born in Mexico’s capital, gave a heartfelt, intimate performance with songs that moved your body as much as your soul.

Born Maria Natalia Lafourcade Silva, the Mexican singer-songwriter has defied categorization. At times pop, at other times rock, and often folk, her style is as inimitable as her charisma on stage. And, there is no better treat than to hear all 4’11” of Natalia, in a delicate yet high pitched soprano voice, say “Que chingue su madre” when speaking about life’s moments and introducing her next song.

I feel that with every visit to Chicago, Natalia returns to us with more gusto. On what will now be her last tour, I had expected a performance reminiscent of her cozy presentation of the material from Musas Vol. 1, in the accompaniment of Los Macorinos. And, although Natalia did treat us to songs from the Musas’ albums, I was pleasantly surprised.

If you are not familiar with Musas, check out this documentary from Natalia’s official page:

In total, Natalia and her band played 21 of her hits and an encore. She opened with La Llorona, Mexicana Hermosa (video of mariachi version below) and other intimate songs in the company of only her horn player. The full band joined in on songs like Hasta La Raiz and Amarte Duele and she soulfully performed an acoustic set that included Coco’s RecuerdameTu Si Sabes Quererme and a rendition of Ella Es Bonita that seemed livelier than ever before. Natalia’s energy transmitted to the crowd and her fans returned the favor with their voices and applause. After 20 or more dates scheduled throughout the United States and a return for several more concerts in Mexico, Natalia will leave the stage indefinitely.

Yes, Natalia Lafourcade announced in April that after this tour she will be taking a sabbatical of a few years, in order to enjoy life and explore what she has called “a rebirth.”  After all the hard work and success, I wish her well and I believe this departure is the beginning of more great things to come. After all, to write the songs we cherish, you must have something to write about and, to have something to write about, you must also live life away from the spotlight.

Natalia’s messages to fans about upcoming shows and her departure from the stage:

Interesting Tid-Bits:
When asked about non-Latinas that have inspired her, Natalia Lafourcade answered Nina Simone, Billy Holiday, Patty Smith, Fiona Apple, Bjork, and more!

And check out this song by Juan Gabriel featuring Natalia Lafourcade.

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