ICYMI, Porter released a lyric video for their single, Cuxillo, and it’s a pretty big deal for fans of these Mexica music makers because it’s been about three years since their last recording. The Guadalajara natives have explained that these new recordings are a personal reflection, an analysis of sorts, of their pursuit to become better people. 

Cuxillo is simply a sample of the band’s experience through this spiritual and musical catharsis. These individual transformations toward enlightenment are so unique to each person that it will in turn be enlightening for us as we are privy to these sound revelations. It will feel rather unique to indulge in the result of their process. What will be of their psychedelia of sound or their existential and thought-provoking lyricism? In case you missed this as well, a release date has not officially been designated for the full album drop. Oy. Wat we do know is they’ve been stationed in Puerto Vallarta recording there.

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We’ll keep you posted on any new developments.

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