(INTERVIEWS) Voces at Women’s March Chicago 2017

Whether watching from afar to capture a photograph, or marching and chanting along with thousands of Chicagoans, as participants of this weekend’s historic Women’s March, Alonzo and I also chronicled some moments from this massive gathering. For me, this was an experience I won’t soon forget and I hope it resonated with you as well. We would love to hear your story and your experience at the Women’s March.

If this was your first instance experiencing something related to social justice or learning about all the organizations involved in the event’s worldwide success, we ask that you begin, and continue, similar efforts in your own communities. This isn’t a one-time thing. This also wasn’t a first-time thing. The fact that some had to be reminded about diversity and inclusion is typical of those that run with the wind at their back. If you were unaware, prove that you ‘get it’ with consistent actions realizing that this a daily reality for so many. Continue to be an ally… or stay out of the way.

An interview with Alejandra of Heart of Chicago

An interview with Sandra of Pilsen


Header photo by Alonzo Alcaraz.


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