An Inauguration Day Poem: “Born Out of Darkness”

Don’t forget
that we’ve known darkness,

hid in dull closets
ran in huddled tunnels
packed in back up pick up trucks
paced in muted desserts
sang on empty stomachs
sweated in boundless fields and tight factory floors
swallowed starry goodbyes to cities from small airplane windows
danced in dim dancehalls

followed constellations to our freedom

and we’ve clutched on to our dreams
loved with all our force
created worlds with our rage
grown fields of flowers with our tears

it lives in the deep lines of our mother’s, abuela’s
calloused, hands
in the wrinkle in her eye
that looks at us with hope

it lives in the soil we eat and breathe

a gift from her to you
a survival

don’t forget,
that we were born out of darkness
and yet here we are making light.
we are the light.
you are the light.
you are the light.

“Born out of darkness” by Deivid Rojas

Deivid is a poet, filmmaker, storyteller, organizer, and Communications Director for Fight For 15 Chicago.

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