ZZK Records 2016 Crowdfunding – Only 2 days left!

We’re huge fans of indie label ZZK Records because of their exceptional roster of artists and their ability to bring the world the freshest in Latin American beats and songs through artists like Nicola Cruz, Chancha Via Circuito, La Yegros, and many more. It turns out the label has now set out on a mission to also tell some powerful and fascinating stories about more sounds coming out of the region.

After eight years of providing us with tantalizing music, their entrepreneurial ways have now led them to create a new outlet for creativity – ZZK Films – which launched earlier this year with the release of A Musical Journey.

ZZK has three brand new full length documentaries coming your way (with more in production), ranging from lost golden-age Ecuadorian music record labels to the creative energy following the economic crisis in Argentina– however, they need a little bit of help from all of us and we’re down to the last 36 hours of their 2016 fundraising campaign. Could you spare a few bucks to keep their work going? I know you can and I truly appreciate you for it.

Every dollar you donate between now and Friday is worth double, thanks to the support of an amazing matching donor. Please consider supporting now, before the campaign ends this Friday at noon.