Ah, the healing power of music.

It possesses the power to engage,

to change,

and re-arrange the rage

from the chaos we’ve felt as spectators of this political cage

and the disheartening passive criminality it has now arranged

for all of us to live through,

a blasphemy to all humanity in this day and age.


Ah, but, I’m not here

to change

upstage or rampage on

your vote, your mind or your systems of being.

I am simply here to assuage,

provide comfort and help you disengage

from the brutality of this presidential election.




The following is a little playlist I created earlier as I felt the stress accumulating around me. Once you’ve voted, or not, I encourage you to embrace yourself (yes, go hug yourself!) and take yourself away from the toxicity that the election has become.

Go home, relax, eat something yummy, use your preferred method of aromatherapy and allow yourself to be lifted away, momentarily, through these calming sounds.



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