DEBUT: A Peruvian Paradise of Peace in Leon Larregui’s New Music Video for Birdie

Leon Larregui just debuted a new music video for the song, Birdie, which was filmed in southern Peru in the glorious Mountain of the 7 Colors.

The song moves peacefully along with the scenic beauty of this majestic location in the region of Cusco known as Vinicunca, a name in Quechua that means ‘seven color mountain.’ The awe-inspiring hues throughout the foothills come from the eroding sedimentary rocks which have managed to keep the natural layers of color. Larregui directed the video, and it was produced by Mariana Rodriguez Cabarga with photography by Gabriel Cruz Rivas.


Larregui concluded his 60-city Voluma Tour on November 6 in Mexico City.


By the way, does this song remind anyone else of this song below? A lil’ bit, right?

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