Ignorance ain’t bliss. In the U.S., it’s downright ruthless.

To test just how far Trump supporters would go to support their candidate, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog rounded up a batch of them for a “focus group” and presented participants with fake campaign ads detailing outrageous and cruel ideas on how to handle immigration, abortion, and trans bathroom rights.

From putting shock collars on immigrants to methods for trapping and “shipping back” undocumented immigrants, each increasingly inhumane idea is embraced by the participants, who nod and nudge each other in agreement.

Some even recommend more sinister ideas, such as luring undocumented immigrants with “vaccinations” and instead injecting them with microchips that would electrocute them if they attempted to cross an electric border fence proposed in one ad. While it may be tempting to dismiss the prospect of such an idea, deceptive medical practices to curb “undesirable populations” is not far-fetched in the least. For example, by 1965, one-third of women in Puerto Rico were forced sterilized through a federal program, and in recent years, 150 inmates were illegally sterilized in California.

At the end of the focus group, a Donald Trump impersonator calls the group to thank them, prompting the participants to become overwhelmed with emotion.

“God bless you, Donald,” blurted out one awestruck man.

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