COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Help local DJ Rae Chardonnay replace her stolen equipment & music library!

For all the creatives out there, you know how hard it can be to make your passion into your life’s work or full-time job. We are fortunate that, despite all that is working against us, folks are still out there making their lives about bringing people together with music and art in positive, affirming spaces.

One such talented person is, local independent DJ and event organizer, Rae Chardonnay, who you may have seen spin and host around town. She’s DJed at festivals, venues across the Chicago, and events like AMFM’s Jazz Series and Party Noire in Hyde Park, the last of which she also organizes. She’s so legit that Chicago Reader named her Best DJ in the city!

Unfortunately, Rae had her DJ equipment, including laptop, harddrives and music library, stolen out of her car last weekend. This equipment is how Rae makes her living and brings joy and good vibes to people all around Chicago.

Please consider donating to Rae’s GoFundMe page so that she can buy new equipment and continue her amazing work! You can also help rebuild her music library by emailing music to

You can follow Rae Chardonnay at your social media outlet of choice, all of which are linked on her website.

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