99-pound Mexican Olympic Gymnast Alexa Moreno Responds to Bodyshaming

99-pound Mexican Olympic gymnast Alexa Moreno responded to cruel body-shaming after her performance in this summer Olympics.

The 22-year-old, who gave a satisfactory performance in five events that few Mexican athletes participate in, hit back at internet trolls, stating, ‘Soy mexicana y luzco como mexicana. No pueden esperar ver a una rubia.” (“I’m Mexican and I look Mexican. They can’t expect to see a blonde.”)

The succinct statement packs a lot of punch. By embracing her physique, Moreno condemns the favoritism of light-skinned, light-haired, ultra-thin women in Mexican media–from news programs to telenovelas.

Social media has also called out the body-shaming and overall sexist media coverage at the Olympics, prompting several artists to illustrate beautiful tributes to Moreno:

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