In case you haven’t heard, one of our favorite acts from Ruido Fest is going to be back in Chicago this year! Carla Morrison is currently finishing out her summer tour in Mexico, will then travel through South America and Europe and be back in the States to play Concord Music Hall on October 2.

A few days ago, Morrison released the music video for “Azúcar Morena,” the latest single from her album, Amor Supremo. After releasing the the video, Carla posted a statement on Twitter about how the song and music video are celebrations of brown skin and women’s right to be sensual:

“Para mí es súper importante celebrar la piel morena de nuestro país! […] La piel morena nos caracteriza y es hermosa y deberíamos celebrar y crear oportunidades para todos! Y reflejar quiénes somos con orgullo! Así como también la mujer puede ser coqueta, sexy y sensual y eso nunca le quitara valor ni la convertirá en una fácil, solo la reafirma como human con deseos naturales y emociones como todos!”

(“For me it is very important to celebrate the brown skin of our country! […] Brown skin characterizes us and it is beautiful and we should celebrate and create opportunities for all people! And reflect on who we are, with pride! Same with how women can be flirty, sexy and sensual, and none of that will ever take away her worth or turn her into something basic; it only reaffirms her as a human with natural desires and emotions like everyone has!”)

The video—all in black & white and heavy on the dramatic, slow-motion shots—depicts Carla quietly swooning over a man at a dinner party, providing us with relatable glmpses of how immediate attraction and seduction can happen with a touch or even just a look.

Azúcar morena es tu piel / Tus besos me saben a pura miel / To boca son cerezas para comer / Tu voz retumba todo mi ser…

See for yourself how real the thirst is.


Published by Ilene Palacios

In the Gozamos corner of the world, Ilene contributes editing, management, social media engagement, art- and activism-minded articles and event organizing. She also co-manages its home base, the community and arts space called Cultura in Pilsen, which currently has a residency at La Catrina Cafe. Additionally, Ilene is an co-organizer for Vives Q, an annual series by and for the queer Latinx community, which features performances, art, music and intergenerational dialogue via interviews with community leaders and activists; Vives Q recently launched a Labs series that aims to take the lessons learned from the series into more proactive gatherings. In whatever spare time she has got left after all of this and her day job as a legal and labor relations assistant, Ilene likes to chain-watch TV shows in her PJs and eat all the food and read all the books. She also likes to write poetry and is currently working on a sci-fi novella in hopes that she can one day be the xicana Octavia Butler-slash-Nayyirah Waheed. Instagram / Twitter / Snapchat @ilenethealeph