PODCAST: The Artists of the Brown Profile Exhibit

Tonight at 6pm is the opening reception of the Brown Profile Art Exhibit at Benton House in Bridgeport.

The exhibit will feature work by three local southside artists — Yvette Mayorga with her elaborate, adorned candy-coated piece; Ricardo “Naco” Gonzalez with his original and humorous multimedia paintings; and Joseph Josue Mora, bringing some mixed media and performance art.

Though the uniqueness of each artist’s style is obvious, together their pieces reckon with themes of latinidad, maintaining culture & identity, (im)migration and border-crossing, of course, brownness.

"Tamalarte" by Ricardo Gonzalez - NACO
“Tamalarte” by Ricardo Gonzalez – NACO

A couple of weeks ago the three artists and I met up to discuss their upcoming group show, themes and inspirations for their work, thoughts on education and community and why ‘brown’? Below you can hear our conversation in its entirety:

Banner image by Carolina Sánchez

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