Bronx Is Burning… Party?!

Because, how else are you going to party in the Bronx, right? Let’s relive the horrors of the past with some champagne!

Celebrities in attendance
Celebrities in attendance

We wonder… do celebrities just show up to look pretty? Do they not get the information about what they’re attending beforehand? How did ANYONE involved with this think it was a good idea?

We don’t even want to begin to imagine what they’ll think of next.

“A real-estate firm developing new apartments in the slowly gentrifying South Bronx threw a lavish Halloween party last week at which revelers were encouraged to hashtag their experiences #bronxisburning. Many longtime residents of the long-suffering borough found that a bit insulting, as if the serious problems the Bronx has had with crime and poverty were merely a witty context for a dystopic commercial rave.”

Read the full story here.

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