“Double Youth plays as an exercise in reconciling forgotten artifacts with present memories, as anyone who’s had the chance to rifle through their former possessions and discover evidence of a totally alien former self knows the uncanny feeling that’s articulated so effectively on Helado Negro’s latest.” – Pitchfork


Oh, yes, this is going to be superb. Helado Negro is great everywhere but seeing him here, at Old Town School of Folk Music, is something really special. This doesn’t at all mean his other shows in Chicago haven’t merited their own praise, but this one… this one’s like ‘right.here’ on our souls. The beautiful sound of the theaters at Old Town are magical and with Helado Negro’s music, well, you can’t beat that. This is music heaven, the “Double Youth” manifesto.

Thank goodness for his music on vinyl. Phew. I play it a lot at home and play it during gigs as much as I can. It’s a lil’ psychedelic, soul soothing, reviving, introspective, alluring and overall simply poetic.

This is one of my favorites…

Come experience the joy in person this Thursday, October 15 at The Myron R. Szold Music & Dance Hall of Old Town School of Folk Music. Things get started at 8:00 p.m. and tickets are available here.

For more information, visit Helado Negro.

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