Fat & Happy: 14 Day Reset

Have you toyed with the idea of a detox or a cleanse, but a bit nervous to try one out? Perhaps you’re feeling a little sluggish, mind is a little foggy, looking a little tired, eating is out of control or getting a wee thick around the middle? It’s time for a Whole Food Reset!

Our bodies are designed to detox themselves, but we all need a little break to help our bodies do their job and an opportunity to bring our focus back to mindful eating and intuition. This is a 14-day whole food nutritional reset that will give you a jump-start on a healthier you. Experience weight loss and glowing skin, deeper sleep and improved mental clarity. You will be guided every step of the way helping you learn body intuition and tools and tactics that will stay with you long after the two weeks.

You can do this! This is a group detox so you won’t be alone; you’ll be in a private Facebook page giving you daily wisdom and support. You’ll be invited to a kick off event where you’ll receive your reset handout (loaded with recipes, shopping list and tips), sample some of the past participants favorite recipes and learn all the secrets to help get you through.

You are worth it! Do something really great for yourself and see how well your body rewards you.

Kick off party is Friday, January 9th at 6pm.
Reset officially begins Sunday, January 11th.

Discounted pricing before December 30th! For more details, to read past participants testimonials and to sign up for the Reset cleanse, visit Happy Eats Healthy Events: http://www.happyeatshealthy.com/events/2015/01/14-day-whole-food-reset

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