Día de los Muertos T-shirt Contest Presented by Gozamos & No Manches

Gozamos and No Manches Clothing Co. are joining forces to support and promote young emerging Latino artists with our Day of the Dead T-shirt Contest! Latino artists ages 14-25 can submit a design for a chance to win prizes, including $200 cash! Submit artwork that captures the meaning behind the Day of the Dead and gives a nod to Gozamos.com. The winning t-shirt design will be launched at the Gozamos Dia de los Muertos Party on 10/31/14 and sold throughout the year.

Submission deadline: October 7th, 2014

Prizes for winning the contest will include:

  1. Your design printed on a t-shirt that will be launched at the 2014 Gozamos Día de los Muertos party and featured on the flyer for the event.
  2. $200 cash prize
  3. 2 free t-shirts
  4. 2 free passes to Gozamos’s Day of the Dead party on 10/31
  5. Special recognition at the event
  6. Interview on Gozamos.com
  7. The original artwork will be displayed at the Day of the Dead party. Proceeds will benefit cultural programming at Cultura in Pilsen, home to Gozamos.com.


  • Must be a Latino resident of Illinois, ages 14-25.
  • Create an original piece of artwork that captures the meaning behind the Day of the Dead and gives a nod to Gozamos.com.
  • Use no more than 3 colors (shadows are colors).
  • Submit your design to hola@gozamos.com by 11:59 pm CST on 10/7/14.
  • You can submit up to 1 entry in one of the following formats: GIF, PDF, PNG or JPG. Submit entries to hola@gozamos.com.
  • Create a design that can be worn year-round. Avoid dates.
  • Judges will select a winner based on the listed guidelines, creativity, and cultural relevance.
  • The winner will be announced within a week of 10/7/14 deadline.
  • Dimensions: No larger than 12×15. The design will appear in this location on the t-shirt:




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