Brazil Police Want Change of Brazil Police

Some police in Brazil agree with the public in wanting improvements in how police protect and serve [my translation]:

Research conducted with 21,100 public safety officials throughout the country indicates that Brazilian police support a new civilian police, better pay, modernization and less bureaucracy. … The questionnaire was sent to 463,790 police officers, of which 21,101 responded between June 30 and July 18, 2014. They are members of the Military Police (52.9% of total respondents), the Civilian Police (22%), of the Federal Police (10.4%), Fire Brigade (8.4%), the Federal Highway Police ( 4.1%) and the Scientific Police (2.3%). For 73.7% [of them], the police should be detached from the Army, and 63.6% want the end of Military Justice. The Military Police should have redirected their focus on work to protect citizens’ rights in the opinion of 63.5% of survey respondents.

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