Stories of Inspiring Papas and Abuelos

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In honor of all the papis on Father’s Day, we’re excited to bring you the second series of stories by and about Latinos from our partner StoryCorps‘ Historias collection.

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Historias is an initiative to record and preserve the diverse stories of Latinos in the United States. To listen to more stories, go to StoryCorps Historias.  Happy Father’s Day! 


“I stopped doing all the drugs and everything that I used to do before. I’m gonna stand right behind her, and just be a good father to her.”

17-year-old amateur boxing champion Seniesa Estrada talks to her father and coach, Joe Estrada, about how she got started in the sport. Watch a video of one of Seniesa’s fights here. Read more about the Estradas in this LA Times article.


“When the day comes, and I do hopefully stand on that podium, I know that my grandfathers–they got me to be this man who I am now.”

C.J. Maestas has been training as a gymnast since he was a toddler, and his grandfathers, Frank Maestas and Frank Barela, have been at his side since the beginning. C.J. plans to keep competing and hopes to make the U.S. men’s Olympics team in 2016.


“They’d come in limping and they would literally leave walking.”

Carlos Mosqueda tells his daughter, Cindy, about how his father healed people in their East LA home.

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