Army Newspaper Reports Army Base May House Undocumented Children, Followers Go Nuts

The newspaper Army Times, which claims it is an “independent, trusted news source,” reported that an army base in Washington may temporarily house undocumented children, due to the recent rise of unaccompanied children crossing the border.

Their Facebook followers went nuts.

Some followers made specific threats of violence against immigrants. The Army Times’s social media admin helped incite the hate with the language they chose in the Facebook post, language that does not appear in the actual article. And if Army Times won’t remove the threatening comments, at least Facebook should.

One of today’s major headlines is that immigration reform is officially dead. The racism and lack of humanity in these comments show why. These are the people Republicans cater to…people with a visceral hatred for “the other.”

Seriously, what will it take to change this?


Thank you to reader Monica for alerting us to this.


[Photo: Flickr/blakeemrys]

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