Amazing Latina Moms Tell Their Stories #MomStrong

Feature photo by Vinoth Chandar

Gozamos is ecstatic to join forces with storytelling gurus StoryCorps to bring you stories by and about Latinos from their Historias collection.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re sharing Storycorps’ stories of amazing Latina moms! Listen to the stories as you’re driving your mom to the botanical garden or enjoying some te de manzanilla today.

Inspired to share your own mom’s story? Make a  reservation at StoryCorps’ Chicago booth today!

Historias is an initiative to record and preserve the diverse stories of Latinos in the United States. To listen to more stories, go to StoryCorps Historias.  Happy Mother’s Day! 


“He said, ‘When the border patrol changes shifts, you’re going to run.’”

Blanca Alvarez tells her daughter, Connie, about crossing the border from Mexico to the United States.


“I learned from her, and that’s why I can pass it on to you guys.”

Richard Anthony Torres talks to his daughter Kathy Namba about his mother, Guadalupe Torres.


“Everywhere we went my mother would make sure that they enrolled us in school.”

Lourdes Villanueva tells her son Roger about growing up in a family of migrant workers.


“It was hard not to be mom.”

Both Sergeant Marilyn Gonzalez (L) and her daughter, Specialist Jessica Pedraza (R), serve in the Massachusetts Army National Guard.

In 2010, Marilyn received orders to deploy to Iraq, but her daughter Jessica did not. When Jessica found out that her mother was about to be deployed, she changed her job so she would go to war with her mom.

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