Latino Rebels shares an ugly story out of California:

Attorney and high school parent Juan Lopez, who is organizing a ‘Unity, Respect and Peace Rally’ counter-protest against two separate Pro-USA demonstrations by the Gilroy Morgan Hill Patriots (GMHP) and, shared the following email about the meeting:

“We attended a town meeting yesterday where the Tea Party people were present. Also present were many Live Oak students, past and present. There was one clear message at the meeting, the students did not want any protest in front of their school. The students pleaded with the Tea Party protesters to not be at their school on 5 de Mayo. One young student cried and said they were taking their AP exams and were scared. It was a truly heartfelt request. The Tea Party protesters rebuttal was, ‘what if I told you not to go to school tomorrow’ and ‘you don’t always get what you want!’ “

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