Fatal Fashion

The Daily Beast provides a brief but interesting recap of some of the most deadly fads in fashion history, including one more recent:

[T]he fad of fashion braces—mouthwear utilized for stylistic, rather than medicinal purposes—took the teens of Thailand, Indonesia, and China by storm as they are ‘considered a sign of wealth, status, and style.’ Although the mouth accessory may not seem all that bad, it has been linked to two deaths—one of a 17-year old from Khon Kaen who died from a thyroid infection, and another of a 14-year-old girl who passed away from unreported complications related to fashion braces she purchased at an open-air market.

Anyone who’s seen a 20-something wearing stilettos stumble out of a bar at 2 in the morning knows the sacrifices some women make to look on point.

Published by Hector Luis Alamo

Hector received a bachelor's degree in history from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where his concentration was on ethnic relations in the United States. Since then, he has written for various publications, including the RedEye, where he is an opinion columnist. He is a regular contributor for Latino Rebels and a staff writer at La Respuesta, a nationwide publication focused on the Puerto Rican Diaspora. Hector is formerly the managing editor at Gozamos, as well as an associate editor at Being Latino. He also writes fiction and poetry.