Fatal Fashion

The Daily Beast provides a brief but interesting recap of some of the most deadly fads in fashion history, including one more recent:

[T]he fad of fashion braces—mouthwear utilized for stylistic, rather than medicinal purposes—took the teens of Thailand, Indonesia, and China by storm as they are ‘considered a sign of wealth, status, and style.’ Although the mouth accessory may not seem all that bad, it has been linked to two deaths—one of a 17-year old from Khon Kaen who died from a thyroid infection, and another of a 14-year-old girl who passed away from unreported complications related to fashion braces she purchased at an open-air market.

Anyone who’s seen a 20-something wearing stilettos stumble out of a bar at 2 in the morning knows the sacrifices some women make to look on point.

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