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“Tú no me vas a silenciar, Tú no me vas a callar.
No sumisa, ni obediente, mujer fuerte, insurgente.”

Always an inspiration through the power of her lyrics, Ana Tijoux is once again gracing us with the beauty of her music in a new full-length release, Vengo. Set to be released on March 18 on Nacional Records, the 15-track album is a musical manifestation of a love of life and the extraordinary power we have within, particularly when it comes to safeguarding our freedom. Vengo explores themes of revolution(s) and challenges us to proceed in unity away from the negative, specifically the trivialities of modern society, toward the light of the truth of our existence. Vengo is heavy with meaning while vibrant in cultural sounds and rhythms.


Gozamos is hosting the official Chicago listening party for Vengo this Saturday, March 1st, at our new space at 1900 S. Carpenter:

Tijoux has always been transparent in her music when it comes to exploring her origins. In the first single and title track, she immerses us deeply in her indigenous roots, vocalizing and defending her Mapuche family, specifically those caught in the often violent clashes of territorial warfare, and those defending their sacred forests, their homes and hers. Through hip hop beats and the haunting vibrations of Andean flutes, “Vengo” prepares us for the mastery of the rest of the album.

Fourteen other tracks complement “Vengo”, each a small tribute to the human spirit. In “Los Peces Gordos No Pueden Volar”, a funky, upbeat, guitar and horn heavy tune, she speaks to her children about the ways of the world asking them to stay strong in their beliefs. Empathetic of all mothers, she sings, “Soy otra madre que duerme poco, pero sueña mucho, que aprende más de sus hijos que del mundo adulto cuando grande.  I’m another mother that sleeps little, but dreams so much, that learns more from her children than the adult world around her when grown up. She follows that up with a direct message to her child in the chorus, saying “Fiel a tus valores debes ir. Caminar por esa senda y resistir, para que tu conquistes ese buen vivir. Faithful to your values you should go. Walk that path and resist so you can live a life of good.

The French-Chilean MC is a powerhouse for women. In “Antipatriarca” she reminds her earthly sisters of their strength and their voice. “Tu no me vas a silenciar, tu no me vas a callar (You will not silence me. You will not shut me up)” she states proudly. She also admits our fallacies as humans, like in the song “Somos Todos Erroristas”, where she defies the notion that stumbling along the way is the end. Instead, she challenges us to challenge ourselves when we commit an error. To learn from our mistakes and strive to do better each time. This is the only way we’ll learn and grow.

The superb fusion of genres throughout the album, along with the hip hop staple, are sure to make Vengo a chart topper. There are elements of flamenco, jazz, funk and Indian music played along with indigenous instruments, simple percussion and acoustic guitar. It’s an inspiring look at what music can be when created with such passion and with such a humane outlook of life.

Following the debut of her album, Tijoux will perform at SXSW, with three additional upcoming shows in California: Mar. 19 in San Francisco, Mar. 21 in Los Angeles and Mar. 23 in San Diego.

If you haven’t already, make sure to RSVP for our free Vengo Listening Party taking place at our Pilsen space (1900 S. Carpenter) this Saturday, March 1, starting at at 7:00 p.m.

VENGO TRACK LIST:  Vengo // Somos Sur // Antipatriarca // Somos Todos Erroristas // ER-RRRO-R // Los Peces Gordos No Pueden Volar // Creo En Ti // Los Diablitos // Interludio Agua // Rio Abajo // Oro Negro // Delta // No Mas // Todo Los Solido Se Desvanece En El Aire // Emilia

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