New Gozamos Music Series: The Ponderers

The Ponderers began as a musical challenge for two Chicago music enthusiasts, Stephanie Manriquez of FMEL and Sandra Trevino of Enchufate. They were given the task of providing an all day music set, composed solely of female-fronted artists, for a one day community festival whose focus was women empowerment. Challenge on!

The idea of putting out female-fronted music continues to grow, and as we prepare to launch our first podcast, we’ll also be sharing information about some of the artists that compose our playlists. These are women who have used their talent to help give strength to others. Sharing their music and history is our way of supporting them because at some point in time, whether through lyrics, a video or a beat, they’ve supported us.

We are encouraged and empowered by their art and hope you will be, too.

The Ponderers are Stephanie Manriquez and Sandra Trevino… and every girl like you and me.

We’re all in this together.

Check out new posts by The Ponderers on Thursdays  — stay tuned!

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