Handful Of Latinos Nominated For Oscars

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) announced their nominees for the 86th Annual Academy Awards Thursday morning. It’s extremely disappointing that a Latino actor as talented as Oscar Isaac wasn’t honored by the Academy for his role in “Inside Llewyn Davis.” In fact, there were only a small handful of Latinos in the industry tapped with an Oscar nomination. Below is a look at the three Latino nominees. The 86th Annual Academy Awards airs Sunday, March 2 on ABC.


Best Director, Best Editing, Best Picture

Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón earned three Oscar nominations this year for his work on the sci-fi drama “Gravity” starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Not only did Cuarón receive a nomination for Best Director, he also chalked up a couple of noms for Best Editing and for his work as a producer on the film, which falls under the Best Picture category. In the past, Cuarón has been nominated for Best Original Screenplay for “Y tu mamá también” and twice for his film “Children of Men” (Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Editing).


Best Cinematography

“Gravity” received more love from the Academy when Mexican cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki picked up the sixth Oscar nomination of his career. Lubezki had been nominated in the past 18 years for his work on the films “A Little Princess,” “Sleepy Hollow,” “The New World,” “Children of Men” and “Tree of Life.” Like Cuarón, he has yet to win the coveted prize.


Best Live Action Short

Spanish director Esteban Crespo earned an Oscar nomination for his film “Aquel no era yo” (“That Wasn’t Me”) in the Best Live Action Short category. According to El País, the 25-minute drama was inspired by an article Crespo read in their publication. The film, which received the 2013 Goya Award for Best Fictional Short Film, tells the story of child soldiers in Africa.

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