Best of Tu Cultura 2013

2013 gave Gozamos palabristas plenty of issues to tackle–from the immigration reform standstill to the largest school closing in U.S. history. Click the headlines to view the full articles!

Puerto Rico Wants What Palestine Wants

By Hector Luis Alamo

Palestine flag“Now that a majority of Puerto Ricans have called for an end to the status quo, the current situation in Puerto Rico is completely undemocratic. If the United States wants to continue making the world safe for democracy, they should start with this tiny island of theirs.”

Racism Is the New Boobs

By Jennifer Patiño

“Racism is the new boobs. You just go out and do something obviously racist and get people mad, get people writing and tweeting about you. Just make sure there’s some plausible deniability—don’t go full Michael Richards. Say something weird about how much you love that culture or that person’s talent. Make it seem like a compliment, but make sure it’s still controversial.The racists will take your side, probably feeling all Elvis about it—that the group in question should feel lucky they’re getting attention/being appropriated by a white performer. The people you offended are too marginalized to cut into your record sales, well as far as you know, anyway. But you’re a cute girl and cute girls get forgiven. Giggle!”

racism is the new boobs

How a Father Explains Our Lady of Guadalupe to His Daughter

By Ray Salazar

“When you see La Vírgen’s image in its traditional form, as Tonántzin, her indigenous name, or in another interpretation of female power, may you always recognize your history.”


Racist or Not Racist? Broadway Youth Center Edition

By Coya Paz

“Boystown, Chicago’s economically prosperous gay mecca, is where LGBTQ community resources are concentrated. So why are people complaining when poor LGBTQ youth of colour go there for those resources? Coya Paz explores the hypocrisy.”

El Machete Illustrated: Stand Your Ground

By Eric J. Garcia

Political cartoonist Eric J. Garcia takes on Stand Your Ground laws. StandYourGround

Latinos Don’t Want No Stinkin Leader

By Hector Luis Alamo

“Latinos don’t consider themselves a real community nearly as much as outsiders do.” Latino leader

Even Gangster Disciples Have Constitutional Rights, Sen. Kirk

By Hel F. Kiernan

“Putting yet more men of color in prison is not going to help and will ruin the lives of good and even innocent people. America has the most black men in prison in the world, Chicago is a big contributor to that, and it hasn’t done anything to stop the violence–though it did leave many boys without fathers and convicted felons without job skills on the streets. The only way to get those men off the streets for good is to make a serious commitment to uplifting Chicago’s poor.”

El Machete Illustrated: Solis

By Eric J. Garcia

In 2013, we witnessed the largest single mass school closing in U.S. history. Chicago Public Schools closed 49 schools, affecting more then 30,000 students. And charter school monopoly UNO came under fire and federal investigation. Here’s political cartoonist Eric J. Garcia’s genius take on it.   Solis

Undocumented Activist’s Response to Immigration Reform Proposals

By Rigo Padilla

“Ultimately, how favorable an immigration reform is and therefore its likelihood of passing will continue to depend on the organizing by undocumented immigrants and allies. In the last four years we have seen just that, more and more undocumented people have found their voice and taken on the responsibility of bettering our communities.” 379310_568714513156860_306592822_n-700x300

Humor & Latino Stereotypes: We can laugh at ourselves but not all of you can

By Reyna Peña

One Gozamos writer examines the differences in laughing at and laughing with. mexican-sleeping