Best of Music 2013

Take a look (and a listen!) at a sampling of some of our most Facebook- ‘liked’ and real life-liked articles of the past year. Since our readers have excellent taste, it is a fantastic little selection of our best video interviews, reviews and musical musings. Click the headlines to view the full articles!

Video Interview: Copper Gamins

By Catalina Maria Johnson

“Music from Mexico often surprises us these days, but singer, guitarist and songwriter José Carmen and drummer Claus Lafania (who hail from the towns of Metepec and Zinacantepec, respectively) create sounds that defy any categorization whatsoever.”

Fiesta del Sol’s must-see music artists

By Alexandra R. Castro

“Listen and dance to some amazing music at Fiesta del Sol this weekend!”

Federico Aubele celebrates the release of his new album “5” at Martyrs’

By Sandra A. Trevino

“Brooklyn musician and producer Federico Aubele takes the stage at Martyrs’ in celebration of his new album called “5”.The evening, hosted by Sound Culture Chicago, will also feature local musicians Agustin Alvarez’s Ole Duet.”

Video Interview: Zuzuka Poderosa!

By Catalina Maria Johnson

“Growing up between Brazil and the West Indies, the powerful and talented Zuzuka Poderosa is now taking the world by storm from her home-base in New York City.”

Kendrick Lamar Reintroduces the Art of Competition

By Terry Carlton

Miscellaneous minds are never explainin’ their minds…”

Argentine Mystery Girl, Ana Helder drops EP, Beating PC

By Jose Luis Benavides

“Beating PC is a great electro-house, techno-tinged release full of brooding, experimentally edging moments that remind you of an era of house music long lost and forgotten.”

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