Best of Arts & Entertainment 2013

Our sense of culture and our identity are intertwined, yet the arts find a way to blur the lines while breaking down any and all barriers, allowing us freedom from damned definitions. Our arts coverage in 2013 succeeded in bringing a fresh take on what it means to be entertained in the 21st century, something still yet to be defined…and that’s just the way we like it.

Here are some highlights from a year that saw our favorite meth-cooking villain remind us of what’s at stake in the real world, artist profiles from CHema Skandal! to How and Nosm, in depth coverage of the 29th Chicago Latino Film Festival, and seriously so much more. Thanks for coming along for the ride, and if you’re just joining us, welcome to the world party. Click on the headline(s) below to view the article(s) in their awesome entirety.

Richard III at The Den Theater
By Ilene Palacios
A “high-octane theatrical experience for both outlaws and Shakespeare purists,” Ilene gives us a review of The Den Theater’s production of a tale as old as time…with a rebel twist.


Bless Me Ultima’s Raul Castillo

By Madeline Rodriguez

Bless Me Ultima's Raul Castillo
Bless Me Ultima’s Raul Castillo

Why Poetry Still Matters
By Hector Luis Alamo Jr.

Hector explains the importance of poetry in a world overly-eager to forget what got them here in the first place. Including powerful quotes and insight from today’s up and coming and established Chicago poets, Hector further proves that poetry ain’t no new thang…and it certainly ain’t dead…

Artist Profile: Reyes The Poet


…And then Reyes The Poet really just straight up drives the point home.

Interview: Junot Diaz
By Hector Luis Alamo Jr.

…And then we brought you the man himself who graced our pages with everything we could’ve hoped for and more.


Rodrigo Level & Gabriel Kieling and The Brazilian Invasion

This dynamic duo from South America killed it all over town during their August trek to Chicago. From murals in South Shore and Logan Square to their exhibition at Maxwell Colette, these guys showed us something special.


Melissa Duprey’s Sexomedy
By Madeline Rodriguez