Preview & Playlist: Mexican Indie Music Soundcase

By Alexandra Castro

Madame Ur y Sus Hombres, via NMOMA

Latino music has been widely recognized for the vibrant expressions of a culture and language  that captivates both outsiders and natives. As part of the movement to celebrate the talent of Mexican and Mexican-American artists, Del Corazón Festival will be featuring a Mexican Indie Music Soundcase on October 5, at the National Museum of Mexican Art (NMOMA) in which several artists of the Latin Alternative  genre will be performing, including Grammy Award-winning artist Carla Morrison. The Alt Latino music scene exposes the narratives of rhythms, confessions and ballads that may have once been hidden among Latin music and culture. With a great emphasis on the lyrics instead of poppy tunes, Alt Latino music captures its audience with the rawness of their sound.

“There is a range of expression among Mexican art ” explains Juan Dies, the Director of the Performing Arts at the NMOMA. “The museum’s agenda is to showcase the newer, younger, edgier side of Mexico,” which many people may have not been previously aware that existed.  Dies, a musician and member of Soñes de Mexico Ensemble  continued by adding that Mexican music is “rich and diverse; it’s not all marachi.”

Although the Mexican Indie Music Soundcase is sold out, you should have a listen to the artists from both sides of our border performing on Saturday. As Dies expressed: “It’s time to flip the other side of the coin.”

Jazmin Solar

This Mexico City songstress enchants listeners with her alluring voice and her heartfelt compositions of love and will be performing in the USA for the first time on Saturday.

James Lopez

This multi-talented Mexican-American singer/songwriter, model and actor from Texas, who has even performed on Broadway, will be making his Chicago debut this Saturday.

Madame Ur y sus hombres

Dynamic, energizing and creative, this ensemble whose frontwoman hails from Tijuana incorporates elements of cabaret, jazz and rock that will enlighten any playlist.

Carla Morrison

Mexican songstress and Latin Grammy-winning artist Carla Morrison captivates the hearts of listeners through her unique voice and her sincere ballads that make her fans cry and fall in love along with her.

The Mexican Indie Music Soundcase will take place this Saturday, October 5th, from 6:30pm to about midnight. For more info, visit the event page

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