Latin Electronic Music Festival, 2013

Los Macuanos, a trio of electronic music masterminds from the border city of Tijuana, are set for their debut in Chicago as part of this year’s Latin Electronic Music Festival (FMEL – Festival de Musica Electronica Latina). The two day event, presented by FMEL and Sound Culture Chicago, will take place Thursday, Aug. 8 at Calles y Sueños Gallery (1900 S. Carpenter ) and Friday, Aug. 9 at Junior’s (2058 W. Cermak). Now in its sixth year, FMEL has successfully showcased some of electronic music’s most innovative artists through live music presentations and art related exhibits along with free workshops.

You can always find something special or different or unique about most of the music festivals happening in Chicago. FMEL seems to go just a bit beyond the entertaining portion of such events, though, because it indulges all the senses. You won’t just feel or listen to dynamic sound combinations usually unheard of. You won’t just see be witness to mind blowing visuals or the use of quirky instrumentation (Zendrum, anyone?). Ultimately, you’ll be exposed to ideas, creations and hands-on experiences that will affect you in a chain reaction of positivity. There’s nothing more inspiring.

The schedule for the 2013 festival is as follows:

Thursday, Aug. 8 head to Pilsen’s Calles y Sueños Gallery, located at 1900 S. Carpenter, for the festival’s opening event which includes a community collaboration with Yollocali Arts Reach. The free event begins at 6:00 p.m.

BEEP, BEEP! You’re alive!

Connections, Robots & Arts: Take apart to play, play to invent, invent to create.
Exhibition and Showcase by:
Circuits + Arts Workshop in collaboration with Yollocalli Arts Reach
Human-O-ID: Yurián Zerón and the importance of his robotic creations with the world by Robota_Y
“Perforbotics” featuring Yurián Zerón and Master Wong
A theatrical entertaining action between Robots & Humans in collaboration with (((SONORAMA)))

This portion of the festival features a genius dramatic exhibit showcasing action between robots and humans through the engineering expertise of artist Yurián Zeron and Master Wong who will also provide a “take apart” robotics workshop for children.

Friday, Aug. 9, also in the Pilsen neighborhood, join the evening’s festivities at Junior’s located at 2058 W. Cermak near Damen.

LOS MACUANOS from Tijuana – Chicago Debut!

CUMBIA MACHIN from San Diego
10 p.m. 21+

About Los Macuanos:

“Los Macuanos is a trio comprised of Moises López, Moises Horta and Reuben Torres, belong to a generation of producers that came of age in this rapidly-changing climate. Like their contemporaries, their productions echo a once hedonistic lifestyle, taking cues from the rave styles of the era, yet displaying a decidedly more introspective approach. The group carries disparate influences, which range from minimal techno and dubstep, to more experimental styles like glitch, noise and no wave, while adhering to a strict discourse on traditional Mexican sounds. Nonetheless, their distinct sound, as well as their unparalleled live performances, prove them to be a wholly original incarnation of the new vanguard in Mexican electronic music.”

About Cumbia Machine:

“Cumbia Machin is an Electro-Cumbia project that combines the use of live electronics and sequencers to create an original Dub-Style Cumbia. The project began in the spring of 2010 and features Joaquin Hernandez on Zendrum and Sequencers, these are used combine the styles of Electro, Cumbia, Drum n’ Bass, Dubstep, Rock, Reggae and more live on stage. The Zendrum is not a typical instrument and it is used by Joaquin Hernandez to continue playing music due to the disabling effects of Focal Dystonia in the right hand. Focal Dystonia is a genetic nervous disorder that surfaced after many years of playing the drumset. There is no cure for Focal Dystonia at this moment so a doctor told Joaquin to try and figure out another way to play. That idea of reinvention and new inspiration led to the heavy programming of sequencers and samplers to create the original music of Cumbia Machin.”

Also performing are Dubatonik from Puebla, Mexico plus visual effects designers Nacho and Calixta. Joining the festivities are Chicago’s own IAMNEMESISNINE of Soulphonetics along with Latin vintage experts, (((SONORAMA))) and Sound Culture Chicago.

For further information: FMEL CHICAGO

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