Pitchfork 2013 Preview & Mixtape – Day 2

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If you anticipate having la cruda (“hangover” for laypeople) on Saturday morning after, one word of advice: don’t. Seriously, it’s probably going to be hot as heeeelll still, plus Day 2 of Pitchwork is rife with loud and awesome rock bands and chiller stuff that requires your utmost attention. A giant hat, 8000 SPF sunblock and as much potable water as your camel-ing ass can carry should be in the cards for you. All the better to listen to amazing music with, my dear.

Who to see on Day 2, Saturday

If your heads a-throbbin’, you might want to sit out the first round of bands (though hardcore noise group KEN Mode at 1:00 on the Blue stage will probably knock your sweaty socks off) and hold out for Julia Holter at the Blue stage at 1:55 in all her comparably chiller, ambient and multi-instrumental talent.

Some of the more highly-anticipated early Saturday shows are in the earlier afternoon, in particular the  delightfully sloppy and loud Parquet Courts (2:50, Blue), intense New Wavers Savages (4:45, Green) and  Swans (5:15, Red) who live in the considerable gray area between spoken word folk and ambient drone metal. (When you hear it you’ll know what I mean.) But when The Breeders hit the Green stage at 6:15 to perform their classic album Last Splash, it will be an utter treat for 90s music-worshipping losers like me. What sucks is that their set will overlap with that of brooding yet harmonious indie rock greats Low (6:45, Blue) and who also overlap with the soulful and catchy R&B singer/producer Solange (7:25, Red). If you’re crafty you can catch much of all three artists.

The last set of the night is a dichotomous toss up between oft-upbeat, storytelling indie folk ‘duo’ Belle and Sebastian (8:30, Green) and the biting grime producer from Glasgow Rustie (8:45, Blue). The choice is yours.

Required Listening for Saturday

1) Solange — “Losing You”

2) Low — “Just Make It Stop”

3) … And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead —“The Lost City of Refuge”

4) Parquet Courts — “Stoned and Starving”

5) Swans — “Why Are We Alive”

Photo of Savages by Antoine Carlier 

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