Photo Credit: Revolution and Danielle Scott

I was at Fischman Liquor a couple weeks ago and found a six pack I hadn’t had before. As I was looking at it, a stranger told me it was pink. I of course put it back on the shelf. I knew it couldn’t be any good if it was pink. Even a coworker told me about this beer. I was sure it couldn’t actually be any good, but at the advice of my friend, I picked up a sixer and to my surprise, I found what I’ll be drinking all summer. I’m going to make sure my fridge is stocked all summer long with Revolution’s Rosa.


Rosa is a really interesting beer. It pours a very clear pink amber with a think pink, white head. A head of this size makes me think there is some wheat in the recipe.

This beer smells of citrus, which makes sense since they use a small amount of orange peel in the recipe. It also has a touch of powdery floral and some fruity hard candy or Jell-O.

While the aroma is not too much, the flavor is spot on for something you want to drink on a hot day. There are touches of malt, and I even get a vegetal hint of elderberry like St. Germain. The high carbonation really lightens up the mouthfeel and turns this into a great lawnmower beer, but at 5.8% abv this beer can go to your head pretty quickly.


I can see drinking this beer at summer picnics or barbeques. Goat cheese with herbs de provence, a lightly dressed dijon vinaigrette salad, or even a smoked chicken or pork would match really well with this beer. While a dude may get strange looks for drinking a pink beer, this is definitely a beer you want to keep stocked in your cooler.


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