By Jaime Pitillas

The good weather arrives with May, and so the live tunes. Before entering a summer filled with music festivals, Chicago is hosting a large amount of electronic music shows and of course, three shows by Their Satanic Majesties, the Rolling Stones.

James Blake – Saturday, May 2nd at Metro »

This exciting British producer gained fame after the dubstep outbreak at the beginning of the decade but he has managed to set a new path for the genre, more laid back and with a profound R&B influence that makes his work unleash many more emotions than the dubstep we are used to hear on the radio.

Purity Ring – Friday, May 3rd at Metro »

Montreal synthpop-duo Purity Ring has been one of the most acclaimed groups in the recent burst of dream-pop with just a handful of singles and one album. They will perform two shows (8.00 p.m. and 11.30 p.m.) due to the high demand. Blue Hawaii will support them.

Daughter – Thursday, May 9th at Lincoln Hall »

Daughter is a London-based band led by singer and guitarist Elena Tonra. They come to Chicago to present their first album, “If You Leave,” which is filled with mesmerizing pop songs that contain lyrics and arrangements studied down to the last detail. The show will be a good and cheap opportunity to see the beginnings of what looks like an amazing band.

Kurt Vile & the Violators – Tuesday, May 14th at Lincoln Hall »

Kurt Vile has been slowly forging a must-listen career for any fan of alternative rock genre, both his solo work and his role as the guitarist in the War on the Drugs. The show is sold out, but he will come back to the city in June and there are still tickets available.

Youth Lagoon – Wednesday, May 15th at Metro »

Trevor Powers is the 23-year-old producer behind Youth Lagoon. He began producing his music between classes and recorded his first album in his house. He has been in the scene for only two years, but his two albums hint good times for this young artist.

Rodriguez- Friday, May 17th at Lincoln Hall »

The life of this Mexican musician has become famous due to the Academy Award winning documentary “Searching For Sugarman.” Rodriguez belongs to the songwriters’ golden age (late 60’s-early 70’s) and although he did not gain commercial success at the time, there is now a cult fandom behind him.

Foals – Saturday, May 18th at Vic Theatre »

This British indie rock group has created a significant buzz back home, but has failed to create it in the U.S. Still, Foal’s elegant compositions have been well received by the critics. They will be at Lollapalooza this summer. Surfer Blood and Blondfire will start the show.

Flying Lotus – Saturday, May 19th at Metro »

Flying Lotus is an electronica producer with an exceptional capacity to experiment, seeking to embed in each of his works different ideas but always leaving his recognizable feel. In his latest album, “Quiet Until Comes,” Lotus has added a free jazz vibe which once again succeeded in its purpose.

A Tribe Called Red – Sunday, May 26th at Mayne Stage »

A Tribe Called Red is Bear Witness, DJ Shub and Dee Jay NDN. They create an eclectic sound made up of a wide variety of musical styles ranging from Hip-Hop, Dance Hall, Electronic, and their own mash-up of club and Pow Wow music, known as “Pow Wow Step”.

John Talabot – Sunday, May 26th at Lincoln Hall »

After the LP ƒin and performances all around the world, John Talabot is probably the Spanish producer with more international recognition in the last years. Moreover, the work by this producer from Barcelona has been used by renowned artists like James Murphy and Aeroplane.

Rolling Stones – Tuesday, May 28 at United Center »

Some people think that the Rolling Stones are just old people looking for some good money and the last drops of fame, but at the end, they still the Rolling Stones. I might be making the same mistake as many other music journalists did in the past, but this is probably the last time we will be able to see a (stadium) tour by these veterans. Also, some ex-Stones’ legends such as Bobby Keys and Mike Taylor will be performing in these three shows (May 28, 31, June 3).

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