Why do people need more than just basic shoes? Maybe sometimes we just can’t get enough of the good things in life so we keep stuffing our closets with our greatest finds. Maybe we love the energy rush we get when choosing a pair of shoes to wear and what dress or top go well with it. Exhilarating, right? Well, if we really want to make room for more shoes in our lives, we should learn how to properly store them so we can keep them in their best shape!

Different kinds of shoes need unique care and attention, including appropriate storage. If we own several pairs of a variety of shoes, we should be aware of the different ways to store them properly.boot hanger


Ankle boots, calf boots or knee-high boots are especially tricky to store because they can take up a lot of space compared to flats and sandals. Thigh-high boots in particular need to keep their shape while being stored inside your closet in order to avoid permanent creases on the surface.When storing your boots, stuff the insides with rolled magazines to keep them from becoming misshapen. You can also use cleaned wine bottles, cardboard rolls or even empty Pringles cans. If you need to save extra space, you can also purchase boot hangers online.


Have you seen the way sandals are displayed in department stores? They are arranged according to styles and color and have styrofoam or cardboard shapers in them. You can similarly arrange your shoes to make it easier to choose a pair. If you have the luxury of space, try a shoe rack with plastic covers or a cabinet with a transparent door to avoid accumulating dust and grime (as seen in the cover photo).

Other footwear

Keep your shoes from becoming disfigured or accumulating unpleasant creases when they are not in use by using shoe trees or shoe shapers. This is a great way of protecting your investment and making sure that your shoes will last for a much longer period of time.

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Make a habit of airing out shoes after wearing them to let the moisture dry up before stowing them away in a cabinet or closet. This will also help prevent unpleasant odor inside your closet. Also, do not force a shoe to fit inside a cabinet or holder. If it is too big, you can put it on top part of the cabinet or outside of the closet.

If owning twenty pairs of shoes make you happy, then just go with it! Don’t stress out about how to keep them all in your closet by finding a way to properly organize and store your footwear.

About the Author:  Scarlett Lee Rios is from Fullerton, California, a fashion writer and blogger for Makemechic.com.

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