Stand-up comedy in La Villita?… Pues of course! Little Village’s first ever comedy night is coming and you need to be part of it. The inaugural Little Village Laugh Festival is sure to be a muy chistosa and caliente night showcasing some of Chicago’s own rising comedy stars: Joey Villagomez, Jaime De Leon, Melissa Duprey, Abi Sanchez, Mo Na “The Arab,” and Ken Garr.

You might be thinking to your self “but I was planning on going to the baile that night” Well let me tell you this Cabezones, think outside the baile and let yourselves experience las risas and those uncomfortable moments that only stand-up comedy can deliver. Don’t think of it as the chistes from your abuelitos or los de pepito; many of these jokes and their punch lines will hit home so hard that they might even remind you of the chanclasos from your childhood, but in a funny way and without the crying. You will also be supporting a good cause since all the proceeds will benefit LP’s Dr. Angela Perez Miller Scholarship Fund. So don’t be shy, come out and be ready to let out plenty of carcajadas… not those cute “lol’s” you see all over the place.

All this relajo will be taking place on Thursday April, 4th from 6:30pm – 12 am ( Or hasta que el cuerpo aguante) at Kopa Kavana (3010 W. 26th Street). Make sure to RSVP and get your tickets!

Joey Villagomez

His comedy will remind you about those funny and particular stories that you can only see happening in el barrio. Don’t let his size fool you, even though esta chaparrito he’s definitely not afraid to mess around with some big boy jokes

Jaime De Leon

Straight from La Villita, Jaime is proud to talk (burlarse) about those particular things la raza likes to do; los parties, parenting, and a few things you might not want the law to know about. Don’t be surprise if you can relate to many of his jokes…

Melissa Duprey

A very funny Latina who might be small in size but with a huge confidence that allows her to be raw, bold y sin pelos en la lengua. Prepare yourself to laugh about those spicy things that others do not even dare to mention.

Ken Garr

A Chicago south-sider not afraid to get personal and make fun of his many life experiences… or misfortunes however you want to call them. There’s a chance you might find yourself thinking “pobresito” but his hilarious punch lines will have you forget that thought in no time.

Abi Sanchez

Be ready to experience todo el sabor Boricua Abi brings to the stage. He’s that guy with too many funny stories; from some of his dating experiences to his mom’s particular personality.

Mo Na “The Arab”

Have you ever seen a person that you automatically assume is Latino? Pues that’s Mo Na and she will make you see how laughter can bring us all together and forget our differences. After all she says; “Funny is everywhere…so let’s use it for good, people!”

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