Hector Guerra of Pachamama Crew, “one of the new exponents of the new school of urban Latin music,” is currently on tour in promotion of his just released double-album, Amor… Desde El Infierno. Guerra explains that the music on this album reflects the duality, a light and dark side, in all of us and until we’re able to fully accept that notion, we won’t know the true joy of happiness.

Guerra’s music, a mixture of urban sounds, hip hop and reggae, strives to exemplify love, peace and harmony. Of Spanish/Bolivian descent, the MC and producer was signed to BMI and Warner Chappell. His collaboration on the album Estacion Wirikuta as part of the AHO Collective, put together to bring awareness to the current situation in that region, reached number one on iTunes Mexico. He just released a video teaser for his current single, Fallen Angels. We were able to snag Guerra for an interview, at Copa during the Friday night SXSW2013 showcase, a few minutes before he took off to Mexico for another performance.

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