Video Interview: Judah Friedlander at The Laugh Factory

We sat down with the one and only “World Champion” of the world Judah Friedlander before his performance at the Laugh Factory in Chicago. My co-host from ChicagoOnAir_alAire Victor Alan Lozano and myself had an awesome charla with The Champ while he casually chowed down his burrito dinner. Oh yeah, with an extra side of refried  beans. BTW, he loves Mexican food and says that Chicago has some of the best he’s ever had. “Ha! Y eso que no fue a Pilsen o La Villita que sí no….”

Judah explained to us that he is the “World Champion” simply because he is able to win any and every karate death match anywhere, any time. Being the greatest athlete in history also helps. But don’t be sad amigos, you all can also become great ass kicking machines simply by reading his instructional and inspirational karate book – “How to Beat Up Anybody.” It will definitely make you feel Muy BadAss and Muy Chingon también!

Make sure to check him out on the hit comedy show 30 Rock during its final season and during any of his stand up comedy shows around the country. You’ll laugh so hard that you might even get a six pack from it. *results may vary* You can also find him on your favorite social network site; he won’t be that hard to find since he claims to have been using Twitter since 1985. This definitely solidifies his “World Champion Status.” Let him know you want him to come back to Chicago and visit your barrio to teach you and your friends some of his sweet karate moves. Who knows? He might actually do it…

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  1. Check out “Empanada for a Dream” at 16th Street Theater in Berwyn……Just opened this weekend….and already nominated for awards.

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